Tres Flores

Seems that I’m always searching for what my “gift or talent” is in life.  I have tried so many things, I mean really, so many but yet to find what is my true talent in life.  Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong….I’m exploring actually…that sounds more like it, yeah, I’m exploring and not searching to who I am and what my talent is, but more of exploring all that I am…yeah I like that!

In my exploring I was going to create note cards that I would watercolor or design with other material….but before creating them I came up with what would be my logo, which was three little flowers in which I called Tres Flores which means Three Flowers.  I had my three children on my mind when I thought of those little flowers.  Just like many other projects, this fell to the wayside.

However, I did pick it back upthree flowers and have been moving forward in water-coloring and exploring other methods of paint.  I’m discovering that I really love brightly color pictures that are whimsical so I’ve been painting quite a few pictures, but back to what I was saying about the Tres Flores.

One morning, my husband who usually is still asleep when I leave for work, decided to get up.  He made me breakfast and wrapped it up so I can take to work.  He walked me outside and picked three little jasmine flowers and handed them to me.  He said enjoy the scent on your ride to work, in which I did and it was lovely I must say.

As I was driving, listening to music, smelling my flowers I started to thank God for my husband who’s gesture really made my morning so nice.  Then I thanked God for creating jasmine flowers, then I thanked Him for all the wonderfulness in His creation here on earth that He made with His hands for us.

In the times we are living in, with so much ugliness, divisiveness, anger, injustices, greed all around…we can be sucked into all that but what we need to do is to take notice of the simple things; a flower, a smile, a thank you, a your welcome….honestly, its the little things in life that bring happiness.  I read that the happiest people notice little things because they appreciate the small things of life.  Try smiling more at people, doesn’t cost you a penny.  I love to smile, its natural for me to smile and I love the reaction a smile brings.

The other day I got a message from my step-daughter thanking me for the handwritten note I sent her. She specifically mentioned that it was handwritten.  My message to her was simple, it said I was thinking of her and loved her, but it spoke something bigger to her because I hand wrote it to her specifically.  So simple but yet it was noticed as something bigger.

Jesus made little gestures…like recognizing Zacchaeus who climbed up a tree just to see Him.   He acknowledged Zacchaeus;  He didn’t have to preach at him, convert him…He acknowledged him, simple gesture.

In 1845, Julia Fletcher Carney, a schoolteacher in Boston, was preparing a lesson for some Bible-school children. She wanted to emphasize the value of small things, and so she penned this “little” poem.

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
and the pleasant land.
So the little moments,
humble though they be,
Make the mighty ages,
of eternity.

small things

Mr. Jesus

Yesterday was a typical day. I went to work, put in a full day and then made my way home.  Nothing exciting, just an every day.  I was on the last stretch before arriving to the house when my eyes averted to a person I had seen on the street the day before.

When I first caught glimpse of him he was standing with his arms stretched up the sky, that could be why he captured my eyes.  I didn’t think much of it as it seemed so natural for him to be standing there with arms stretched to the heavens.  He stayed in my head.

Yesterday, there he was again.  This time he was sitting in front of McDonald’s with a large blue bundle laid at his feet.  He had a coat on in Texas in the middle of August.  I wondered was he mentally gone.  I drove past him but a jolt hit me and I felt the Lord tell me to turn around and feed him.  I knew I had to turn around and in which I did.  I called my husband to tell him what I was doing.  He sounded hesitant as any concerned husband would be who’s wife calls to say she is going to go buy a meal for a homeless man.  He just cautioned me to be careful.

In my younger years I would not be so cautious.  I never thought twice to stop and pick someone up who was walking and take them where they needed to be.  I especially had a heart for older people or Mother’s walking with kids.  Those were my “go to” people to pick up and taxi them to where they needed to go but as I aged I became hesitant to just stop and pick up a total stranger.  I still carried the urge to just stop but I self talk and don’t, but yesterday I had to stop.

I approached the man and rolled down my window to ask him if I could get him something to eat.  He said yes, a hamburger.  I told him I was going to get him a meal and dessert too.  I got into line leaving him sitting there.  Did he wonder if I was coming back?  What brought him to this place of homelessness.  Was he rejected so many times over that he gave up.  I didn’t know the answer to those questions I asked myself while sitting in line, I just knew I had an assignment.

Finally got the order and went to him to give him his meal.  He was so gracious.  He of course thanked me more times than I deserved.  I told him he didn’t need to thank me because I was on assignment.  I thought should I talk to him about the Lord but my assignment from God was to deliver a meal.  I gave him some other items I had on me with a little bit of money in case he wanted coffee or something later on.

He reached and hugged me, I hugged him back.   There was a majesty about him, this elderly man with his big coat, his bundle of his worldly goods that laid on the ground.  I felt I was standing in front of something so great that I took his hand and kissed it. I was totally compelled.  He reached into his bundle and pulled out a can Blessing Air Freshener.  I had giggled silently as I have seen this particular product around for years, lo and behold now I had my own can.  I told him I would think of him when I looked at it.

air freshnerI went on home with my new can of House Blessing Air Freshener, LOL!   I realized that I didn’t ask him his name.  I was describing him to my husband; skin dark as coal, scruffy full white beard, gentle eyes, graciousness in his voice.  I said I feel as though I just described Jesus.   I pray that I get to see Mr. Jesus again, this time to sit with him and eat a meal together.

Behold I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.  Revelation 3:20

Dream Away!

dreams The Bible defines a dream in Job 33:15, “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the falleth upon men…” The Bible says several things in this one verse. First, a dream is a vision of the night. The verse also teaches that a dream occurs when deep sleep falls upon men. According to the Bible, a vision is something that occurs when a man is awake, while a dream is something that occurs when a man is asleep.

Thought I share some dreams I have had over the years; why?  Because I can’t think of anything else to write even though I have 10 stories in my saved filed that I’m yet to finish.  Dreams are easiest to write.  Dream number 8 is my favorite of all my dreams.

I love my dreams, they are vivid with color with a story being told.  I remember them with great detail too.  I often wake up thinking, “WOW!” I do write my dreams down but honestly I remembered them clearly as though I just had them the night before; not all of them of course, but one’s like I have written below.  I posted one of my other dreams on the blog titled “Promise” where I’m a twinkling star!!

Dream 1:  I am on a field trip to Heaven with a group of about 6-7 people.  We are in this room with no walls but there are beautiful mahogany arches on the right side of the room.  Outside the arches are just cloud, so we are in the sky.  The floor is a beautiful marble and in the center of the room is a rich dark wood banister that encircles a hole in the floor.  There is a throne, but all I can see are the steps that lead up to the throne.  The opposite side of the room is floor to ceiling doors that are open.  Outside the room is a foyer table with a exquisite arrangement of flowers.

God is in the room.  While we are all standing around the banister in the middle of the floor. God calls me over to Him.  He tells me he wants me to stay.  I run to the others excitedly and say, “ God asked me to stay, I’ll see you all when you return!”

At that moment two little girls run in through the doors with a Nanny chasing behind them.  The little girls are dressed for a party, frilly dresses, frilly socks and patent leather shoes like the kind I use to wear as a child.   They run around the center banister and head back out the door.  One little girl  who is behind the other turns to look at me and her face is hideous, demonic and says to me:  “You’re not rid of me yet” and then runs out of the room.

Now I’m back in my childhood bedroom laying on the floor with a number of people sitting on the floor circling me.  I felt concerned on what was happening and forced myself to wake up.

Dream 2: I am visiting an elderly lady in a nursing home. I am in a large room with a row of hospital beds against the wall.   I noticed that there is a door at the end of the row of beds which I open.  Outside there is a raging river between this facility and a street on the other side.  There are people doing ordinary things; walking, sipping coffee at a cafe, reading a newspaper, just ordinary people things.

I am feeling sad though as I’m looking at the people.  My heart is telling me that they don’t know God.  I’m thinking how can I get on the other side to let them know about God.  While I’m standing there a large alligator rises out of the water, I mean he is BIG and there is no way I can cross.  I feel distressed.

 Dream 3: This dream I had while living in Nashville.  I was attending a Church called Living Word Community Church that was in the process of finding a new location with a bigger building to accommodate the growth of the Church.

I am in this large sanctuary and its only lit by candelabra’s throughout.  There were Muslin women sitting in groups of 5 throughout the sanctuary.  They are wearing the head to toe dress in light blue (Burka) that covers their faces with a netting over the eyes and nose but you can’t see their faces.  A year after having this dream the sanctuary in my dream was the church that was purchased by Living Word Church, I still don’t know the what significance of the Muslin women.  I will also add, that I was so surprised when I ran across a picture of a light blue Burka with the mesh cover on the internet just like the one in my dream.  I had never seen one in that particular color ever.

Dream 4:   I am in my parents’ neighborhood and there is a large clock in the sky…its 5 minutes to 3 PM and I know at 3 PM the world ends.  Charlene Beard (my  ex-Pastor wife from Nashville)  approaches and says she can’t find Pastor Beard, she says, ” I don’t want the world to end without being with my husband.”   We take off running to look for him.

We find him, put him in a wheelchair and run back to the clock just in time for it to hit 3 PM.  At the very moment we are all on a train.  Outside the windows looks like we’re underwater as all I can see is this grayish color bubbles.   We make a stop to what looks like a city street.  Everyone is gray, the street is gray, and the sky is gray.  The people are walking around looking so sad and I want to help them.  Pastor Beard rises up and flys upward and says we need to go.  I look up at him and tell him I can’t fly, he said, ” yes you can, try it.”  I try it and fly but we’re suddenly back on the train.

The doors open again and I see people and Angels.  People are going through different lines collecting items that the Angels are handing out.  The Angels are BEAUTIFUL.  In the first line we are handed a small tin with a paste, the second line they hand us a small little Ivory notebook and then as we go into the third line but I step out of it to use the restroom and completely miss what was being handed out.  I’m sad at this point and then wake up.

Dream 5:  This was a very short dream but one I’ve never forgotten:  There are large frogs eating turtles and regurgitating back up.

Dream 6:  Walked into my parents’ home to find my Dad standing over my family whom he has just killed….there was my Mom, my brother laying on the floor and my two sisters….he just smiled and said, “You’re my favorite”  I can only interpret this as my Father destroying my family in real life.  He would get drunk and threatened to kill us, going as far as chasing us in the middle of night with an axe, another time while we lived in New York he threatened us with a gun and knife.  Why my Mom stayed with him is beyond my understanding….but he always called me his favorite which would make me so angry as my brother and sisters loved him and treated him well which was opposite of me, I tolerated him out of respect for being my Dad.  I am happy to say that I have been delivered from ill feelings toward my Dad, I can now think of him with warm thoughts as mentioned in my blog, In God’s Time.

Dream 7:  I’m driving in an older model car, I would say from the 60’s.  I have the windows rolled down and I have a passenger in the car but one who is silent and I don’t know who it is, but I have the presence of a stranger in my car.  I’m driving on a snowy, dirt road, snow all around me, I’m in a mountain area.

As I’m driving, I notice a bear running in the same direction that I’m going.  I’m keeping my eye on this bear as I don’t know if I’m in danger….the bear now starts to run toward the car and I’m just looking at it.  It gets closer and closer and now is right at my window.  This bear has a bear body but its head is in the shape of an ATM screen, WEIRD!!!

There is a whistle that I hear and see a man in the distance cradling what looks like a mountain lion but its head is that of a rabbit.  It whistles to call the bear to him, in which the bear now runs toward him. The man is thin, with a scruffy gray beard.  He is dressed warmly for the weather…he is standing near pine trees on a small little road…I’m guessing his home is in the woods.  I wake up at this point.

Dream 8:  As I said in the opening, this is my favorite dream so far.  I am in a car with friends and we are traveling to a restaurant to eat.  While on the freeway, the pavement starts to crumble and fall apart but our expert driver was flying over the falling debris and got us back on a straight road and we continue on to our destination.

We arrive at the restaurant.  From the outside it looks like nothing special, but once inside I notice how large it is and what is super cool, it looks like we have traveled back to ancient Jerusalem.  There are a number of rooms that have tables and chairs.  We are escorted to a room by a young woman dressed in typical biblical time wear.  I just kept thinking how cool it was that everything looked so authentic to the time.  We are seated.  We place an order but one of the women I was with stood up and went over to the next table and sampled their food without permission.  I look over at her with this look that is saying, “What are you doing?”  I get embarrassed and get up and go explore the rest of the place.

I enter a larger room.  There is an old woman standing looking down at her sandals.  Mind you everyone is dressed in ancient wear, including myself now.  But I watch this old woman who starts to stomp her feet.  I watch as the dirt falls off her feet to expose symbolthis very symbol tattooed in red on the topside of her left foot.  I continue to look around and approach a man with dark curly hair with the most beautiful warm brown eyes.  He is sitting on a hand made long bench against an ancient wall.  He takes his hands and removes a faded purple sash that I have.  He said something like, you are worth more than this.   I smiled and walked away.

I now enter in large room with many tables and chairs and cross the room to a table where there are three couples sitting.  There was lively conversation at the table, I’m asked to join in.  I notice one lady keep averting her eyes away from me.  I would catch her watching me then when I turn to say something she would turn away or look down.  So I focused on the other people.  I notice a personal check on the table but it has Hebrew written on the back. I want to take the check because I wanted to have something with the beautiful cursive Hebrew letters, but I’m told its the check to pay the food bill and I couldn’t have it.

I walk away and go back to the room I was previously in where the old woman was and the man with the beautiful warm brown eyes.  I’m now standing in front a mirror, the mirror is tall and oval with a wood trim.  I’m standing there looking at myself when the man with the beautiful warm brown eyes comes to stand behind me and drapes and rich, deep purple sash and says, “This is what belongs on you”.  I then wake up.

Again, I have never seen that ancient looking symbol in my life until one day a story came out where Christians in Iraq were being persecuted and the terrorist would paint that symbol in red on the walls where the doomed Christians lived.

I’m seriously contemplating having that tattooed on my left foot, but I’m in prayer about it as I don’t know if that is something I should do.

Vision:  This has NEVER EVER happened to me before.  One day at work, I was busily typing an email when all the sudden I have a vision of men dressed in all black, faces covered in my neighborhood.  They point to my house and one says to another, “Christians live there” and they mark my curb with red paint.

I don’t know what that was, what it means, but like I said, I have never had a Vision come to me while I was awake.

If anyone is reading this I would love to get your interpretation of some, if, not all of my dreams.

So as you can see, I love going to sleep because I’m always anticipating something exciting to happen in my dreams!!!







Just an ordinary day.  We had just flown inrainbowto Little Rock, AK from Dallas, TX and then into a car for the long ride into Memphis, TN.   It was overcast that day but nothing unusual until…a light so bright hit our car, this wonderful brightness of yellow had us captive….it lasted for what seemed 10 minutes…we were driving in a rainbow!  It was the most glorious sight ever.  I couldn’t contain my awe, so much so that I didn’t even think of pulling out my phone to record it…it was just that consuming.

I kept looking over at my husband smiling so big and saying over and over, “We’re in a rainbow!!!”  It was like having a smidgen of Heaven right on earth.  Leaving out of the rainbow I knew that others behind us were now experiencing this wonderfulness; what were they thinking, was God showing Himself to us?

Oh God, how you delight us with the beauty that can be found on this earth.   Such beauty in your mountains, your rivers, your oceans, your rain forest, your trees, your flowers, your creatures, your people….there is so much beauty on this earth.   Such fond memories of laying on the grass at night as a kid and looking up at all the twinkling stars. Thank you Lord for letting me experience all this beauty.

What will Heaven be like, my goodness!!!  Okay, so quick share of a dream I had.  I was a Star…not a movie star or rock star but an actual twinkling star…there were five of us.  One star said (yes we were talking stars, LOL) look over there.  It was a planet similar but not similar to earth.  This little star said I’m going over there to see what that is.  He took off like a shooting star (no I didn’t eat Pizza that night).  The rest of us stars said let’s go. When we arrived we were now in human form and walking on this new earth.  It was so pretty, lush green plants everywhere.  We took this walkway to a structure where people were standing around socializing.  I excitedly saw my husband and ran over to him and said let’s explore this place.  He was in conversation with someone and said, perhaps later.

I couldn’t wait for later so I asked a friend to come with me.  I’ll tell you this, what I saw was dazzling, peaceful, just the place I wanted to be at.  We walked around and came across planes and helicopters for some odd reason and then the dream started becoming adventurous as we had to cross over dangerously narrow walkways on the face of a mountain.  Weird ending to a dream and til this day I don’t even know what that dream means.  So if anyone reading this is a dream interpreter, please feel free!


In God’s Time

I had a conversation this week with a dear friend and we reflected back on attending Kairos.   This is a special two-day event held at the church to spend intimate time with God and to be healed of past hurts.  You are encouraged to experience this amazing time alone.  You can certainly go with friends or family but you are encouraged to spread out and sit away from one another to avoid distractions because this truly is an appointedKairos time with God for you personally.

When I was walking up to the building to enter they had music piped in speakers outside the doors.  I was so surprised to hear Pop music playing and not Worship.  I  wondered if some unknowing employee had turned it on to the wrong dial.  I walked in and got in line to get my material for the day.  I received a Kairos manual, a pen and a pack of tissue in a nice bag.  It was really a well thought out package.

I entered the large sanctuary, you could feel the anticipation in the room.  The Speaker took the platform and first thing he mentioned was the music that was playing outside.  He said they purposely played secular music so we could leave our religion at the door.  Loved that, I was ready!

We started with singing Worship songs; it felt so heavenly, honestly, it was so special.  My soul was prepared to what God had for me.  One of the very first exercises was to spend some quiet time with God.  I was to open up conversation with God and ask Him how He saw me and then write it down.  I went before God and asked Him that very question, “God how do you see me?”  I sat there and waited to hear God…a few things came to my head that I wrote down, “you are kind”, “you are helpful”….now I asking, “God, is that you telling me that or is it me?”  I went back and forth with that same question as I genuinely did not know who was actually speaking.  “Blah, this is going to be messed up”, I thought.  I went to God again this time with some desperation, “Father, how do you see me?”  I sat there with my heart completely opened to Him, “Please Father”.   As I sat there, myGod's time eyes closed, my heart totally opened and exposed, He said, “You are Worthy”  My spirit jolted, I was in the presence of God.  It was just us two.    I sat there, my eyes still closed and repeated what I had heard.  I knew it was God as I would of never, ever called myself worthy; worthless yes, but never worthy.   Of course came the tears next….explains the tissue in the bag.

We went through several moments of healing, worship and breaks!  My gosh, they provided snacks during breaks and those snacks were top-notch, I love a good snack for sure!!  During my breaks I would call my friend Jossie who had eventually died soon after from cancer.   I shared the exercises with her so that she could do them from her bed.

There was one segment where a new Speaker from the roster was talking about releasing hurt caused by loved ones, a teacher, a pastor, a friend….she read off a list.  They wanted you to think back on someone who’s hurt you have carried, a hurt that could of changed your course in life, a hurt that crippled your heart…so I thought of my person and asked God to release my hurt once and for all.  They now had a group of speakers on the platform to represent that person that may of hurt you in the past and each one took to the mike and said, “I’m so sorry for hurting you”, you could hear the soft sobs throughout the sanctuary, my tears flowed too for them.

They finished that segment with each one of the speakers lining up in front of the platform and we were all encouraged to get a hug from one of them.  Now at this point I had it resolved that I was good, nah, no need for a hug.  So I sat there and watched people lined up to get a hug.  I looked at my watch and wondered if break/snacks was coming up.

So many people….all in need of hugs….ugh, this was going to last forrrrrrevvvvvvveeeeeeeer!  I looked around and caught the eye of man who was looking over at me.  I could see through his eyes that he wasn’t just looking at me, I felt that this dude was praying.  I slowly turned my head back to the front and stared at the huggers.  Right at the point, I said to God, “FINE, if you want me to go up and get hugged for whatever reason I’ll go BUT I only want to go to that woman!”  I was talking about the woman who was the main speaker for this segment…ha, ha I chose her because her line was the longest!  Slick Willie me!  I knew they would end the hugging soon because they were cognizance of time.  Well, I look over and there she is, standing alone, no one else in line…where did all those people go?

“UGH, FINE, I’ll go”…I stood up and went to her, prepared to kindly give someone my place should they approach….nothing, zilch, no one!  I faced her and said, “Look, I’m guessing I’m suppose to get hugged”, I’m sure the look on my face was pleading don’t hug me….her arms wrapped themselves around me and held me tightly, I hugged back…she whispered in my ear, “I’m so sorry”, I broke, I fell into her with a heap of sobs.  She tightened up her hold and held me.  I felt years of  pent up unforgiveness for my Dad leave me, it all fell away, I was feeling a sense of freedom from an ugly grasp.  She would not let go of me, she was going to make sure I was healed.  She stepped back, looked at me, touched her forehead to mine and looked me square in the eyes and said its gone.

I was speechless as went back to my seat, I sat down and sat there for a moment to take in what had just happened.  Now to this day when I think of my Dad I have warm thoughts toward him.  I no longer go back to my past with him.  God truly healed me through that hug.

They tell you that after the two days are completed that you walk out feeling as though you are walking on clouds….NO JOKE!  I was so refreshed, so inspired from this experience.   I recommend to EVERYONE!!!  Go meet God!





curbI oddly remembered back to when I was seven year old as I was driving into work this morning.  I don’t know exactly what triggered the memory.   He brings me back to this place from time to time, randomly.  He wants to talk to seven year old me.

It was at seven years old that I knew God existed.  I had just started going to Sunday School, something that was very new to me.  It wasn’t the pictures of Jesus on the wall that convinced me He was real, it wasn’t the Bible stories read by the teacher, it was something much deeper.

Inside my house there was always a ticking bomb about to go off, you carefully stepped as not to let off a landmine full of rage, expletives screamed, household items flying through the air with an intended victim.   My Mom was the glue that held our family together, although her younger years  she was insecure, doubtful that she would receive the love she deserved.  She worked in a factory and would come home with fingers full of metal shavings embedded in skin.  She come home from long hours to come cook for her children and hopefully for my Father if he were home.    Many of her nights she spent restless wondering what bar our Father would be in drinking himself to oblivion.  She pack us in the car and off in the night we would start the search to find him and bring him home, once home, the fight started.

Often I would go to school unable to concentrate on anything, I guess it didn’t help that I drank coffee for breakfast with at least four slices of Wonder bread.  We were one exhausted family in every sense.

This is when it started with God and me.  I started walking out of the house in the late of night and go sit on the curb in front of my house.  Perhaps to just find peace so I can rest.  I was looking for something in the night and there God was.

I would sit on the curb, never fearful, as I sat there in the dark I would start making up words to a song that was in my heart for God.  I would sing these little made up songs of worship to God.  I would tell Him how much I loved Him and needed Him.  Often times I would feel His Presence right there with me on the curb, in the night.  That was our time together.  He would fill me with peace.  It was God and I.  He wanted to hear the accounts of my seven year old life and for years to come.

I sat on the curb, this little girl who had no idea that there was two opposing kingdoms of both good and evil (Godly and ungodly) battling for her; I was exposed to events from both kingdoms.  Most often, when there is a very real and intense exposure, those who experience such events will have like occurrences throughout life.   God was covering me with His weapons of war.  His weapons were my prayers, my little songs, Angelic host who guarded me and the very presence of the Holy Spirit.

He would also give me dreams to assure me He was real and He was there.  In my first dream of God I was in my Sunday School class and the room was empty of people but there on a wooden throne is sitting God ( I don’t see his face) but I’m talking to Him while I am kneeled.   I don’t remember what God is saying in the dream but I keep answering by saying, “Yes Lord” “Yes I will”  I say that each time He asked me a questions

God continues to fill my sleep with dreams just like my second favorite person in the bible; Joseph.  See my blog, Joseph, my man!

You may have a small child in you still crying out and scared and in need of peace.  Go find your “curb” and sit there singing praises to God then just talk to Him….share everything in your heart as a child would, who is trying to explain how bad the ouchie hurts.  God will be there, to listen intently, to embrace you, to love you.




Yesterday I gave my condolences to a woman at work.  She lost her Mother a few weeks earlier so I went by with the intention of staying for a brief moment; I didn’t want to disturb her at work.  Our brief moment turned into long minutes.  I’m always careful to contain my feelings when speaking to someone about the death of a loved one.  You see, I get excited, you’ll see in a minute why.  She shared her Mother’s illness and cause of death, she was rightfully, glum.  We continue to chat and lo and behold there I go:  “Just for a moment just imagine what your Mom is experiencing right now,” I said.  I continued on, ” Your Mom has seen the face of Yeshua!!”  I could hardly contain myself, ‘Why   do   I   have   to   be    so    extra?’

We started talking about Yeshua and the joy of living with Him.  We laughed on who our parents were stalking, for instance, my Mom would always say she couldn’t wait to meet her boyfriend, Abraham Lincoln and her favorite funny lady, Lucille Ball.  My Mom!  But we laughed and then she started to talk about laughters her Mother and siblings are sharing now.  She went on just imagining her Mother’s face and what it must of looked like when first seeing our Savior and Lord for the first time.   This beautiful smile radiated from her.

I have a friend who always shakes his head when I say, “think about how cool death is!”  As the picture above, that expression of sheer joy, look at her face.  That is what I find so cool!

Imagine. Open up your eyes, you are hit with a gentle force of Glory, you are enveloped in a veil scented with the purest love, you feel His embrace and a kiss so gentle on the skin that its like a spring breeze dancing across your cheek. Imagine. 

Imagine.  Right there stands your Savior, the very One who you have worshipped, lifted up hands in praise, the One who sat with you in the dead of night comforting you through tears shed and He collected.  You let out a laughter and He laughs with such glee and He holds your face and tells you how much He loves you, Imagine.

Imagine.  Behold Heaven.  Behold the Presence of God.  Behold the Angels.  Can you Imagine that?  Is that just so cool!!!!  Can you Imagine what the Praise and Worship must be like, oooooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have dreamt of Angels, I have had a dream where I walked on a new earth, I have seen a bit of Heaven in my dreams.  I have smelled the scent of Yeshua.   I have heard the audible voice of God but nothing, nothing can compare to what I Imagine when I stand before Him.  I Imagine I will fall to my knees and thank Him for how He took care of me.  How He blessed me with family and friends.  How He loved me to choose me. 

Imagine.  Take a moment to close your eyes and Imagine when you get to look into the eyes of the One who died on the cross because of Love for you.  Imagine Him reaching out and holding you in His arms and you knowing you are home.  Imagine.

Disclaimer.  I don’t have permission to use that beautiful picture posted on Google by artist, Kero.  The picture so clearly spoke what I have been saying for so long.  It expresses exactly how I know I will feel because I feel a little bit each time I Imagine.